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Journal of Essential Oil (Volume  30)

Issue 1


Authentication of citrus volatiles based on carbon isotope ratios

Luisa Schipilliti, Ivana Lidia Bonaccorsi, Cristina Occhiuto, Paola Dugo & Luigi Mondello

Pages: 1-15


Quali-quantitative variation of essential oil from Iranian rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) accessions according to environmental factors

Iman Bajalan, Razieh Rouzbahani, Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti & Filippo Maggi

Pages: 16-24


Chemical diversity and antimicrobial activity of the Essential Oils of four Apiaceae species growing wild in Lebanon

Madona Khoury, Marc El Beyrouthy, Véronique Eparvier, Naïm Ouaini & Didier Stien

Pages: 25-31


Stable variety selection over locations and recommendations for rose-scentedgeranium (Pelargonium graveolens LТ Herit. ex Aiton.)

Ved R. Singh, Ram S. Verma, Rakesh K. Upadhyay, Raj K. Lal, Rajendra C. Padalia, Chandan S. Chanotiya & Nilofer

Pages: 32-39


p-Menthenols chemotype of Cymbopogon distans from India: composition, antibacterial and antifungal activity of the essential oil against pathogens

Rajendra C. Padalia, Ram S. Verma, Amit Chauhan, Prakash Goswami, Ved R. Singh, Sajendra K. Verma, Nandan Singh, Alka Kurmi, Mahendra P. Darokar & Dharmendra Saikia

Pages: 40-46


Chemo-divergence in Essential Oil Composition among germplasm collection of five Ocimum species from eastern coastal plains of India

Archana P. Raina & R. C. Misra

Pages: 47-55


Classification of lavender essential oils: sedative effects of Lavandula oils

Kenichi Tomi, Makiko Kitao, Hiroshi Murakami, Yasuki Matsumura & Takahiro Hayashi

Pages: 56-68


Chemical composition and biological activities of Guatteria elliptica R.E. Fries (Annonaceae) essential oils

Agnieszka Katarzyna Rajca Ferreira, Felipe Rebello Lourenço, Maria Cláudia Marx Young, Marcos Enoque Leite Lima, Inês Cordeiro, Ivana Barbosa Suffredini, Patricia Santos Lopes & Paulo Roberto Hrihorowitsch Moreno

Pages: 69-76


Issue 2


Identification of volatile Profiles of Rio Red grapefruit at various developmental to maturity stages

Priyanka R. Chaudhary, G. K. Jayaprakasha & Bhimanagouda S. Patil

Pages: 77-83


Subcritical CO2 extraction of a volatile oil-rich fraction from the seeds of Nigella sativa for potential pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications

Amr E. Edris, Paweł Wawrzyniak & Danuta Kalemba

Pages: 84-91


Effect of oxygen and heating on aromas of pummelo (Citrus maxima) essential oil

Hao Sun, Hui Ni, Feng Chen, Zedong Jiang, Gaoling Huang & Yuanfan Yang

Pages: 92-104


Chemical composition and biological evaluation of the Tunisian Achillea cretica L. essential oils

Fayçal Hichri, Amel Omri, Aisha S. M. Hossan, Guido Flamini & Hichem Ben Jannet

Pages: 105-112


Compositional variability in inflorescence essential oil of Coriandrum sativum from North India

Deepshekha Punetha, Geeta Tewari & Chitra Pande

Pages: 113-119


Chemical composition an dinsecticidal activity of ediblegarl and (Chrysanthemum coronarium L.) essential oil against the granary pest Sitophilus granarius L. (Coleoptera)

Kaan Polatoğlu, Ömer Cem Karakoç, Betül Demirci & Kemal Hüsnü Can Başer

Pages: 120-130


Characterization of Essential Oils and hydrosols from senegalese Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh

El Hadji Barka Ndiaye, Michel Bakar Diop, Momar Talla Gueye, Ibrahima Ndiaye, Serigne Mbacké Diop, Marie-Laure Fauconnier & Georges Lognay

Pages: 131-141


Chemical Composition and in vitro antibacterial activity of Artemisia ifranensis J. Didier Essential Oil Growing Wild in Middle Moroccan Atlas

Hanane Elazzouzi, Youssef Khabbal, Mohammed Bouachrine, Touriya Zair & Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti

Pages: 142-151


Issue 3


Chemical Composition of Leaf Oil from Polyalthia longifolia (Sonnerat) Thwait. grown in Côte dТIvoire

Zana Adama Ouattara, Thierry Acafou Yapi, Jean Brice Boti, C of fy Antoine Ahibo, Yves-Alain Békro, Akhanovna J. Mamyrbékova-Békro, Joseph Casanova, Félix Tomi & Ange Bighelli

Pages: 153-158


Chemical Composition of Piper gaudichaudianum Essential Oil and its bioactivity against Lucilia cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Amanda Chaaban, Vera Maria Carvalho Silva Santos, Erik Nunes Gomes, Carlos Eduardo Nogueira Martins, Wanderlei do Amaral, Cícero Deschamps & Marcelo Beltrão Molento

Pages: 159-166


Cytotoxic effects of essential oils from four Lippia alba chemotypes in human liver and lung cancer cell lines

Sandra Montero-Villegas, Rosana Crespo, Boris Rodenak-Kladniew, María Agustina Castro, Marianela Galle, José F. Cicció, Margarita García de Bravo & Mónica Polo

Pages: 167-181


Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of p-menthane chemotype of Cymbopogon martini (Roxb.) W. Watson (Poaceae) from India

Ram S. Verma, Rajendra C. Padalia, Prakash Goswami, Sajendra K. Verma, Amit Chauhan, Ved R. Singh & Mahendra P. Darokar

Pages: 182-188


Ligularia amplexicaulis (wall.) DC. Essential oil composition and antibacterial activity

Deepshikha Joshi, Manoj Nailwal, Lalit Mohan & Anand B. Melkani

Pages: 189-196


Comparison of volatile compounds at various developmental stages of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L. cv. Mahallati) flower with different extraction methods

Marzieh Ahmadian, Nima Ahmadi, Alireza Babaei, Mohammad Reza Naghavi & Mahdi Ayyari

Pages: 197-206


Chemical  constituents of Essential Oils of HimalayanNepeta ciliaris Benth. and Senecio nudicaulis Buch-Ham. Ex D. Don

Vinod Kumar & C. S. Mathela

Pages: 207-213


Changes infatty acid Profile and oxidation indices of soybean oil supplemented with Ocimum sanctum essential oil during accelerated storage

Mohammad-Taghi Golmakani, Malihe Keramat, Mehrdad Niakousari & Hadi Khosravi

Pages: 214-224


Seasonal variation in Juniperus polycarpos var. turcomanica essential oil from northeast of Iran

Mohammad Moghaddam, Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti & Nasrin Farhadi

Pages: 225-231


Issue 4


Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of seven uncommon essential oils

Antonio Rosato, Filippo Maggi, Kevin Cianfaglione, Fabio Conti, Giampiero Ciaschetti, Rianasoambolanoro Rakotosaona, Giuseppe Fracchiolla, Maria Lisa Clodoveo, Carlo Franchini & Filomena Corbo

Pages: 233-243


Relationship between the terpene enantiomeric distribution and the growth cycle of lemon fruit and comparison of two extraction methods

Marta Guadayol, Josep M. Guadayol, Eulàlia Vendrell, Francesc Collgrós & Josep Caixach

Pages: 244-252


Scents from Brazilian Cerrado: Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil from Psidium laruotteanum Cambess (Myrtaceae)

Fernando C. M. Medeiros, Cláudio H. S. Del Menezzi, Roberto F. Vieira, Yasmin F. M. Fernandes, Marcelly C. S. Santos & Humberto R. Bizzo

Pages: 253-257


Variability in essential oil content and composition of Bunium persicum Boiss. populations growing wild in northeast of Iran

Mahdi Talebi, Mohammad Moghaddam & Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti

Pages: 258-264


Microbiological damage influences the content, Chemical Composition and the antifungal activity of essential oils in a wild-growing population of Ocotea lancifolia (Schott) Mez

Daniela Thomas da Silva, Carlos Garrido Pinheiro, Nadia Helena Bianchini, Bibiana Fontana Batista, Jorge Diefenthaeler, Marlove de Fátima Brião Muniz & Berta Maria Heinzmann

Pages: 265-277


Yield and chemical composition of the essential oil of species of the Asteraceae family from Atlantic Forest, South of Brazil

Wanderlei do Amaral, Cícero Deschamps, Luiz Antonio Biasi, Humberto R. Bizzo, Marília Pereira Machado & Luiz Everson da Silva

Pages: 278-284


Physicochemical characterization and bioactivity evaluation of Essential Oils from Citrus microcarpa Bunge leaf and flower

T. Nguyen-Thao Nguyen, T. Ngoc-Ni Huynh, Vinh-Thien Tran, Chi-Hien Dang, T. Kim-Dung Hoang & Thanh-Danh Nguyen

Pages: 285-292


Variability in Essential Oil Composition of different plant parts of Heracleum candicans Wall. Ex DC from North India

Rajendra C. Padalia, Ram S. Verma, Amit Chauhan, Ameeta Tiwari & Neeta Joshi

Pages: 293-301


Issue 5


Chemical Composition and biological activity of Essential Oil of Kaempferia galanga: a review

Sunita Munda, Pompy Saikia & Mohan Lal

Pages: 303-308


The use of essential oils as natural antifungal preservatives in bread products

Els Debonne, Filip Van Bockstaele, Simbarashe Samapundo, Mia Eeckhout & Frank Devlieghere

Pages: 309-318


Aromas from Quebec. VI. Morella pensylvanica from the Magdalen Islands: a( -)-α- bisabolol-rich oil featuring a new bisabolane ether

Alexis St-Gelais, Benoit Roger, Jérôme Alsarraf, Jean Legault, Dany Massé & André Pichette

Pages: 319-329


Phytochemical characteristics of root volatiles and extracts of Achillea collina Becker genotypes

Sára Kindlovits, Szilvia Sárosi, Katalin Inotai, Goran Petrović, Gordana Stojanović & Éva Németh

Pages: 330-340


Antimicrobial activity of Essential Oils-derived Volatile Compounds against several nosocomial pathogens including representative multidrug-resistant A. baumannii clinical isolates

Blanca A. Alanís-Garza, Paola Bocanegra-Ibarias, Noemí Waksman de Torres, Ricardo Salazar-Aranda, Soraya Mendoza-Olazarán, Luis A. Pérez-López, Samantha Flores-Treviño & Elvira Garza-González

Pages: 341-346


Chemical composition of the essential oil from Croton wagneri Müll. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae) grown in Ecuador

Jorge A. Pino, Ernesto C. Terán-Portelles, Ivones Hernández, Idania Rodeiro & Miguel D. Fernández

Pages: 347-352


Influence of flower to water ratio and distillation time of damaskrose (Rosa damascena Mill.) flowers on essential oil content and composition in the western Himalayas

Rakesh Kumar, Saurabh Sharma, Shivani Sharma, Mohit Sharma & Neeraj Kumar

Pages: 353-359


Biomass and Essential Oil of Tagetes minuta influenced by pinching and harvesting stage under high precipitation conditions in the western Himalayas

Shalika Rathore, Swati Walia & Rakesh Kumar

Pages: 360-368


Variation in the Essential Oil yields and compositions of Myrtle (Myrtus communis L.) Populations collected from natural habitats of Southern Iran

Donya Shahbazian, Akbar Karami, Saeid Eshghi & Filippo Maggi

Pages: 369-378


Larvicidal activity against Aedes aegypti of essential oil of Laurus nobilis leaves obtained at different seasons

Carla Maria Mariano Fernandez, Maurício Ferreira da Rosa, Ana Claudia Aparecida Mariano Fernandez, Fabiana Brusco Lorenzetti, Keila Fernanda Raimundo, Diógenes Aparício Garcia Cortez, José Eduardo Gonçalves, Márcia Regina Simões, Nelson Barros Colauto, Viviane da Silva Lobo & Zilda Cristiani Gazim

Pages: 379-387


Antimicrobial activity of some essential oils against Streptococcus agalactiae, an important pathogen for fish farming in Brazil

Cláudia Majolo, Fabiana Pilarski, Francisco Célio Maia Chaves, Humberto Ribeiro Bizzo & Edsandra Campos Chagas

Pages: 388-397


Issue 6


Identification of potential anti-quorum sensing compounds in Essential Oils: agas chromatography-based metabolomics approach

Kopang C. Mokhetho, Maxleene Sandasi, Aijaz Ahmad, Guy P. Kamatou & Alvaro M. Viljoen

Pages: 399-408


Boosting the essential oil yield from the rhizomes of cassumunar ginger byan eco-friendly solvent-free microwave extraction combined with central composite design

Bancha Yingngam & Adelheid Brantner

Pages: 409-420


Compositional variability in essential oils of twelve wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.) accessions grown in the same environment

Huong Thi Nguyen, Sz. Tavaszi Sárosi, J. A. Llorens-Molina, Márta Ladányi & É. Zámborine-Németh

Pages: 421-430


Components of Essential Oil of the Japanese mint СHokutoТ and its deodorization effects against human malodors

Takao Myoda, Takuma Matsumura, Kensuke Watanabe, Koji Ebisuya, Tai Kaneshima, Kotaro Goto, Satoshi Nojima, Yoji Hori, Kazuki Toeda, Makoto Nishizawa & Takane Fujimori

Pages: 431-436


Optimization of harvesting and post-harvest drying methods of Ocimum africanum Lour. for production of quality essential oil

Rajendra C. Padalia, Ved R. Singh, Gunjan Bhatt, Amit Chauhan, R.K. Upadhyay, Ram S. Verma & Chandan S. Chanotiya

Pages: 437-443


Chemotypic characterization of diversity in Essential Oil Composition of Ocimum species and varieties from India

Archana P. Raina & Veena Gupta

Pages: 444-456


Effects of deficit irrigation on Essential Oil Composition and yield of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill) in a high-altitude environment

Furkan Coban, Hakan Ozer, Selda Ors, Ustun Sahin, Gul Yildiz & Talip Cakmakci

Pages: 457-463


Linalool enantiomeric distribution in rosewood-reminiscent populations in Central Amazon

Caroline Schmaedeck Lara, Lauro Euclides Soares Barata, Paulo de Tarso Barbosa Sampaio, Marcos Nogueira Eberlin & Carlos Henrique de Vasconcelos Fidelis

Pages: 464-469


Chemical variability and biological  activities of Marrubium vulgare L. Essential Oil, depending on geographic variation and environmental factors

Wahiba Elbali, Abderrahmane Djouahri, Zineb Djerrad, Boualem Saka, Sihem Aberrane, Nasserdine Sabaou, Aoumeur Baaliouamer & Lynda Boudarene

Pages: 470-487


Supercritical CO2 extracts and essential oils from Teucrium polium L. growing in Algeria: chemical composition and antioxidant activity

Hamdi Bendif, Mohamed Lazali, Nabila Souilah, Mohamed Djamel Miara, Rita Kazernavičiūtė, Renata Baranauskienė, Petras Rimantas Venskutonis & Filippo Maggi

Pages: 488-497





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