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Journal of Essential Oil (Volume  28)




Issue 1


Chemistry and biology of industrial crop Tagetes Species: a review

Priyambada Singh, Alok Krishna, Vinod Kumar, Swadhinta Krishna, Kuldip Singh, Madhuri Gupta & Sohan Singh

Pages: 1-14


Postharvest applications of clove Essential Oils on dry seeds stored under simulated warehouse conditions

Alberto Angioni, Giorgia Sarais, Marinella Melis, Maria Teresa Russo, Mario Schirra & Salvatore DТAquino

Pages: 15-21


Residues of essential oils in honey after treatments to control Varroa destructor

J. Serra Bonvehí, F. Ventura Coll & J. A. Ruiz Martínez

Pages: 22-28


Chemical profiling of essential oil of Kaempferia galanga L. germplasm from India

Archana P. Raina & Z. Abraham

Pages: 29-34


Essential Oil composition of four Ocimum spp. from the Peninsular India

Ram S. Verma, Amit Kumar, Priyanka Mishra, Baskaran Kuppusamy, Rajendra C. Padalia & Velusamy Sundaresan

Pages: 35-41


Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil of Algerian Tetraclinis articulata (Vahl) Masters

Fouad Bahri, Abderrahmane Romane, Martina Höferl, Juergen Wanner, Erich Schmidt & Leopold Jirovetz

Pages: 42-48


Chemical diversity in the volatiles of Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt. populations from Uttarakhand Himalaya (India)

Garima Gwari, Hema Lohani, Ujjwal Bhandari, S. Zafar Haider, Sher Singh, Harish Andola & Nirpendra Chauhan

Pages: 49-54


Sub-critical carbon dioxide extraction of the hexane extract of the leaves of Tasmannia Lanceolata

Sandra M. Garland & Robert C. Menary

Pages: 55-63


Changes in Essential Oil content and composition of Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L.) under foliar application of salicylic and orthophosphoric acids

Tahereh Goudarzi, Mohammad Jamal Saharkhiz, Vahid Rowshan & Azin Taban

Pages: 64-70


Composition and Antibacterial activity of the Essential Oil of Artemisia nilagirica var. septentrionalis from India

Prakash Goswami, Amit Chauhan, Ram S. Verma, Rajendra C. Padalia, Sajendra K. Verma, Mahendra P. Darokar & Chandan S. Chanotiya

Pages: 71-76


Essential Oil composition of Teucrium polium L. fruits

Atousa Sabzeghabaie & Jinous Asgarpanah

Pages: 77-80


In-vitro Mycological activity of essential oil from Zingiber zerumbet rhizomes

Bhagya H. Madegowda, Parthepan Rameshwaran, Navya P. Nagaraju & Pushpa S. Murthy

Pages: 81-88


Issue 2


Identification of antibiotic and antiproliferative compounds in natural orange blossom water

Benoit Roger, Pauline Burger, Pascal Baret, Jamal Chahboun, Stéphane Cerantola, Xavier Fernandez & Valérie Jeannot

Pages: 89-95


Investigation of peel and leaf essential oils of Citrus clementina Hort. ex Tan. growing in the south of Vietnam

Thao-Tran Thi Nguyen, Thanh-Tram Thi Tran, Tra-My Hua, The-Tai Diep, Duy-Khiem Nguyen Chau, Fritz Duus & Thach Ngoc Le

Pages: 96-103


Essential Oils from the plant, hairy root cultures and shoot cultures of Egyptian Anethum graveolens (dill)

Mohamed Salaheldin A. Abdelkader & George B. Lockwood

Pages: 104-112


Chemical Composition and evaluation of the Essential Oil from Eupatorium glabratum as biopesticide against Sitophilus zeamais and several stored maize fungi

Lucero Pimienta-Ramírez, Yolanda Magdalena García-Rodríguez, Eric Mark Ríos-Ramírez, Roberto Lindig-Cisneros & Francisco Javier Espinosa-García

Pages: 113-120


Chemical characterization of Rosa damascena Miller var. trigintipetala Dieck Essential Oil and its in vitro genotoxic and cytotoxic properties

El-Sayed S. Abdel-Hameed, Salih A. Bazaid & Heba A. Hagag

Pages: 121-129


Antiviral activity of Colombian Labiatae and Verbenaceae family Essential Oils and monoterpenes on Human Herpes viruses

Yaneth Miranda Brand, Vicky Constanza Roa-Linares, Liliana Amparo Betancur-Galvis, Diego Camilo Durán-García & Elena Stashenko

Pages: 130-137


Influence of light intensity on glandular trichome density, gene expression and essential oil of menthol mint (Mentha arvensis L.)

Marco Andre A. de Souza, Leandro A. dos Santos, Diego M. C. de Brito, Joecildo F. Rocha, Rosane N. Castro, Manlio S. Fernandes & Sonia R. de Souza

Pages: 138-145


Composition, chemical variability and effect of distillation time on leaf and fruits essential oils of Myrtus communis from north western Algeria

Aicha Hennia, M. Graça Miguel, Moussa Brada, S. Nemmiche & A. Cristina Figueiredo

Pages: 146-156


Chemical characterization and antifungal activity of Poliomintha longiflora Mexican oregano

Teresa S. Cid-Pérez, José V. Torres-Muñoz, Guadalupe V. Nevárez-Moorillón, Enrique Palou & Aurelio López-Malo

Pages: 157-165


Histochemical characterization of secretory ducts and Essential Oil analysis of Protium species (Burseraceae)

Luiza Reis Souza, Fernanda Gomes Trindade, Rosilene Aparecidade Oliveira, Larissa Corrêado Bomfim Costa, Valdirene Moreira Gomes & Maura Da Cunha

Pages: 166-171


Terpenoid Composition and Antibacterial activity of the Essential Oil from Inula cappa (Buch-Ham. ex. D. Don) DC

Reema Priydarshi, Anand B. Melkani, Lalit Mohan & Charu C. Pant

Pages: 172-176


Issue 3


Water-soluble essential oil components of fresh flowers of Osmanthus fragrans Lour

Gaoming Lei, Peizhi Mao, Minqing He, Longhu Wang, Xuesong Liu & Anyun Zhang

Pages: 177-184


Sensory analysis and head-space aroma volatiles for the characterization of capers from different geographic origin

Concetta Condurso, Agata Mazzaglia, Gianluca Tripodi, Fabrizio Cincotta, Giovanna Dima, Carmela Maria Lanza & Antonella Verzera

Pages: 185-192


Helichrysum italicum (Roth) G. Don fil. subsp. italicum oil analysis by gas chromatography Ц carbon isotope ratio mass spectrometry (GC-C-IRMS): arapid method of genotype differentiation?

Luisa Schipilliti, Ivana L. Bonaccorsi, Salvatore Ragusa, Antonella Cotroneo & Paola Dugo

Pages: 193-201


Phyto Chemical Composition of the Algerian Laurus nobilis L. leaves extracts obtained by solvent-free microwave extraction and investigation of their antioxidant activity

Fatima Z. Bendjersi, Fairouz Tazerouti, Radia Belkhelfa-Slimani, Bahia Djerdjouri & Brahim Y. Meklati

Pages: 202-210


Chemical and biological Profiles of essential oils from Mentha spicata L. leaf from Bejaia in Algeria

Fatiha Brahmi, Abdenour Adjaoud, Bruno Marongiu, Danilo Falconieri, Drifa Yalaoui-Guellal, Khodir Madani & Mohamed Chibane

Pages: 211-220


Chemical composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the essential oil of Lippia javanica leaves from Ethiopia

Anwar Endris, Nigist Asfaw & Daniel Bisrat

Pages: 221-226


The antibacterial effects of Melaleuca alternifolia, Pelargonium graveolens and Cymbopogon martinii essential oils and major compounds on liquid and vapor phase

Bruna Fernanda Murbach Teles Andrade, Lidiane Nunes Barbosa, Fernanda Cristina Bérgamo Alves, Mariana Albano, Vera Lúcia Mores Rall, José Maurício Sforcin, Ana Angélica Henrique Fernandes & Ary Fernandes Júnior

Pages: 227-233


Chemical Composition, antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of Essential Oil from Schinus areira L. and Minthostachys spicata (Benth.) Epl. grown in Cuzco, Peru

Leoncio Solis-Quispe, Ciro Tomaylla-Cruz, Yolanda Callo-Choquelvica, Anita Solís-Quispe, Idania

Rodeiro, Ivones Hernández, Miguel David Fernández & Jorge A. Pino

Pages: 234-240


Chemical compositions and antibacterial activities of five selected aromatic plants essential oils against food-borne pathogens and spoilage bacteria

Marzieh Moosavi-Nasab, Mohammad Jamal Saharkhiz, Esmaeil Ziaee, Fatemeh Moayedi, Roya Koshani & Rezvan Azizi

Pages: 241-251


Antifungal activities after vaporization of ajowan ( Trachyspermum ammi) and allspice (Pimenta dioica) Essential Oils and blends of their constituents against three Aspergillus species

Eunae Kim, Chang-Sik Oh, Sang-Hyun Koh, Hyun Seok Kim, Kyu-Suk Kang, Pil Sun Park, Myeong-Jin Jang, Hyo-Rim Lee & Il-Kwon Park

Pages: 252-259


Terpene constituents of Chrysopogon aucheri (Boiss.) Stapf. roots

Maryam Sadoughinia & Jinous Asgarpanah

Pages: 260-263


Issue 4


Chemical Composition of the Leaf Essential Oil of grapefruits (Citrus paradisi Macf.) in relation with the genetic origin

M. Paoli, D. de Rocca Serra, F. Tomi, F. Luro & A. Bighelli

Pages: 265-271


Comparison of microwave-assisted hydrodistillation and solvent-less microwave extraction of essential oil from dry and fresh Citrus limon (Eureka variety) peel

Mohammad-Taghi Golmakani & Mahsa Moayyedi

Pages: 272-282


Chemical biodiversity of the leaf and flower Essential Oils of Citrus aurantium L. from Dubrovnik area (Croatia) in comparison with Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck cv. Washington navel, Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck cv. Tarocco and Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck cv. Doppio

Sanguigno Jasmina Družić, Igor Jerković, Zvonimir Marijanović & Marin Roje

Pages: 283-291


Analytical and sensory characterization of СPesca di LeonforteТ (Prunus persica Batsch)

Concetta Condurso, Gianluca Tripodi, Fabrizio Cincotta, Agata Mazzaglia & Antonella Verzera

Pages: 292-298


β-Asarone content and Essential Oil Composition of Acorus calamus L. rhizomes from Estonia

A. Raal, A. Orav & T. Gretchushnikova

Pages: 299-304


Composition and antifungal activity of the Essential Oil of Nashia inaguensis Mill sp. (Verbenaceae) cultivated in French Guiana

Camille Inès Scotto, Pauline Burger, Mehdi Khodjet el Khil, Marine Ginouves, Ghislaine Prevot, Denis Blanchet, Piero G. Delprete & Xavier Fernandez

Pages: 305-311


Evaluation of the Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil from a Brazilian Poejo, Hesperozygis myrtoides (St. Hill ex Benth.) Epling at different collection periods and sites

Caroline V. V. Castilho, Humberto R. Bizzo, Marcelly Cristina da S. Santos, Nancy dos S. Barbi, Julio C.M. Dias, Paula F. de Aguiar, Eduardo Dellacassa, Natalia Martinez, Shaft C. Pinto & Suzana G. Leitão

Pages: 312-321


Chemical characterization and anticholinesterase effects of essential oils derived from Salvia species

Halide. E. Temel, Betül Demirci, Fatih Demirci, Ferhat Celep, Ahmet Kahraman, Musa Doğan & Kemal Hüsnü Can Başer

Pages: 322-331


Chemical Composition of Essential Oil and rose-water extract of Himalayan Musk Rose (Rosa brunonii Lindl.) from Kumaon region of western Himalaya

Ram S. Verma, Rajendra C. Padalia & Amit Chauhan

Pages: 332-338


Characterization of Essential Oils from the leaves of the Genus Daphnandra (Atherospermataceae)

Joseph J. Brophy, Paul I. Forster & Robert J. Goldsack

Pages: 339-347


Essential Oil Composition and enantiomeric distribution of some monoterpenoid components of Juniperus communis L. from Algeria

Dahmane Dahmane, Tahar Dob & Chaabane Chelghoum

Pages: 348-356


Chemical Composition, antioxidant activity and antimicrobial properties of three selected varieties of Iranian fennel seeds

Shadi Chang, Abdorreza Mohammadi Nafchi & A. A. Karim

Pages: 357-363


Issue 5


Beneficial impacts of thymol Essential Oil on health and production of animals, fish and poultry: a review

Mohamed Ezzat Abd El-Hack, Mahmoud Alagawany, Mayada Ragab Farag, Ruchi Tiwari, Kumaragurubaran Karthik, Kuldeep Dhama, Jalil Zorriehzahra & Milad Adel

Pages: 365-382


Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oil from aerial parts of Micromeria debilis Pomel from Algeria

Mohammed Gherib, Chahrazed Bekhechi, Mathieu Paoli, Fewzia Atik Bekkara, Ange Bighelli, Joseph Casanova & Félix Tomi

Pages: 383-390


Changes in biomass and essential oil Profile of four Lamiaceae species due to different soil water levels

Éva Németh-Zámbori, Krisztina Szabó, Zsuzsanna Pluhár, Péter Radácsi & Katalin Inotai

Pages: 391-399


Essential Oil composition of Artemisia stelleriana Besser from India

Rajendra C. Padalia, Ram S. Verma, Amit Chauhan, Prakash Goswami & Chandan S. Chanotiya

Pages: 400-405


Leaf oils of the Australian species of Clausena and Micromelum (Rutaceae)

Joseph J. Brophy, Paul I. Forster & Robert J. Goldsack

Pages: 406-412


The effect of time and temperature on the shelf life of essential oils of Lavandula officinalis

Sharareh Najafian

Pages: 413-420


Chemical variability in the essential oil composition of Salvia hypoleuca, an endemic species from Iran

Ali Sonboli, Peyman Salehi & Saman Gharehnaghadeh

Pages: 421-427


Chemical Composition and biological activities of rhizome and fruit rind Oils of Alpinia mutica from south India

Mohamed Salim, Rajesh Rajendran, S. Ajikumaran Nair, Mathew Dan & Sabulal Baby

Pages: 428-435


Essential Oil Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Hyptis atrorubens Poit. from Martinique (F.W.I.)

A. Kerdudo, E. Njoh Ellong, V. Gonnot, L. Boyer, T. Michel, S. Adenet, K. Rochefort & X. Fernandez

Pages: 436-444


Essential Oil composition and antioxidant activity of four Asteraceae species from Bosnia

Danijela Vidic, Sanja Ćavar Zeljković, Muamer Dizdar & Milka Maksimović

Pages: 445-457


Essential Oil Composition of Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis L.) under salt stress at flowering stage

Omolbanin Jahantigh, Farzaneh Najafi, Hassanali Naghdi Badi, Ramazan Ali Khavari-Nejad & Forough Sanjarian

Pages: 458-464



Page: 465


Issue 6


Antimicrobial Activity of combined thyme and rosemary Essential Oils against Listeria monocytogens in Italian mortadella packaged in modified atmosphere

Filippo Giarratana, Daniele Muscolino, Carla Ragonese, Chiara Beninati, Danilo Sciarrone, Graziella Ziino, Luigi Mondello, Alessandro Giuffrida & Antonio Panebianco

Pages: 467-474


Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Eucalyptus radiata Leaf Essential Oil, sampled over a year

Gillian D. Mahumane, Sandy F. van Vuuren, Guy Kamatou, Maxleene Sandasi & Alvaro M. Viljoen

Pages: 475-488


Volatile composition of Lavandula angustifolia produced by different extraction techniques

Garikapati D. Kiran Babu, Aarti Sharma & Bikram Singh

Pages: 489-500


Chemical Composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Essential Oil from Echinophora cinerea harvested at two phenological stages

Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti & Zaynab Gholipour

Pages: 501-511


Effects of N, P and K on polygodial leaf extract of Tasmannia lanceolata (Poir.) A.C. Smith

Matthew D. Wilson, Robert C. Menary & Dugald C. Close

Pages: 512-517


Antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus of five essential oils from Algerian medicinal plants (Lamiaceae)

Fahima Bekka-Hadji, Isabelle Bombarda & Abdelaziz Touati

Pages: 518-527


Investigating the effects of microwave-assisted hydrodistillation on antioxidant and antifungal activities of Tanacetum polycephalum and Artemisia chamaemelifolia essential oils

Marzieh Eblaghi, Nastaran Khajehie, Mohammad-Taghi Golmakani & Mohammad Hadi Eskandari

Pages: 528-539


Post harvest storage effect on essential oil content and composition of Cymbopogon distans (Nees ex Steud.) Wats.

Amit Chauhan, Ram S. Verma, Rajendra C. Padalia, Rakesh K. Upadhyay & Janak R. Bahl

Pages: 540-544


Essential Oil composition of walnut tree (Juglans regia L.)Т leaves from Tunisia

Ikram Bou Abdallah, Olfa Baatour, Kaouther Mechrgui, Wahid Herchi, Ali Albouchi, Abdelkader Chalghoum & Sadok Boukhchina

Pages: 545-550


Essential Oil Composition of bark and leaves of Cinammoum verum Bertch.& Presl from Mizoram, North East India

Lydia Malsawmtluangi, Bhagwati P. Nautiyal, Tridip Hazarika, Rajendra S. Chauhan & Aldo Tava

Pages: 551-556


Chemical-Profile variations in Essential Oils isolated from lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) biomass and condensate wastewater by re-distillation and solvent extraction techniques

Bhaskaruni R. Rajeswara Rao, Ganjigunta Adinarayana, Arigari Niranjan Kumar, Dharmendra K. Rajput & Kodakandla V. Syamasundar

Pages: 557-564





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