Journal of Essential Oil (Volume  26)



Volume 26




Essential Oil of Nepeta genus (Lamiaceae) from Iran: a review

Jinous Asgarpanah, Sanaz Sarabian & Parisa Ziarati

Pages: 1-12


Compositional characteristics of the essential oil of Myrtus communis grown in the central part of Saudi Arabia

Merajuddin Khan, Mansour A. Al-Mansour, Ahmad A. Mousa & Hamad Z. Alkhathlan

Pages: 13-18


Volatile constituents from in vitro and ex vitro plants of Petiveria alliacea L.

Aline Castellar, Rachel F. Gagliardi, Elisabeth Mansur, Humberto R. Bizzo, Andressa M. Souza & Suzana G. Leitão

Pages: 19-23


Volatile Constituents of Essential Oils isolated from Alpinia galanga Willd. (L.) and A. officinarum Hance rhizomes from North East India

Archana P. Raina, S.K. Verma & Z. Abraham

Pages: 24-28


Essential Oil composition of Sphagneticola trilobata (L.) Pruski from India

Ram S. Verma, Rajendra C. Padalia, Amit Chauhan & Velusamy Sundaresan

Pages: 29-33


Antimicrobial activity of essential oils

Bruna Fernanda Murbach Teles Andrade, Lidiane Nunes Barbosa, Isabellada Silva Probst & Ary Fernandes Júnior

Pages: 34-40


Comparative pharmacological and phytochemical investigation on the wound-healing effects of the frequently used essential oils

Ipek Süntar, Esra Küpeli Akkol, Alev Tosun & Hikmet Keleş

Pages: 41-49


Cytotoxic activity of Asteraceae and Verbenaceae family essential oils

Bibiana Zapata, Liliana Betancur-Galvis, Camilo Duran & Elena Stashenko

Pages: 50-57


Volatile fraction Composition and biological activities of the leaves, bark and fruits of Caucasian wingnut from Iran

M. Akhbari, S. Tavakoli & M.R. Delnavazi

Pages: 58-64


Chemical Composition and Antibacterial activity of Teucrium polium Essential Oil against urinary isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae

Fereshteh Raei, Nastaran Ashoori, Fereshteh Eftekhar & Morteza Yousefzadi

Pages: 65-69


Issue 2


An examination of the Leaf Essential Oils of three Eugenia (Myrtaceae) species endemic to New Caledonia

Joseph J. Brophy, Edouard Hnawia, Douglas J. Lawes, Nicolas Lebouvier & Mohammed Nour

Pages: 71-75


Effect of Thymus vulgaris and Origanum compactum essential oils on the shelf life of fresh goat cheese

SaidZantar, Faiza Yedri, Rachid Mrabet, Amin Laglaoui, Mohammed Bakkali & Mounir Hassani Zerrouk

Pages: 76-84


Comparative analysis of α-and β-thujone in the essential oil and supercritical CO2 extract of sage (Salvia officinalis L.)

Andrea Occhipinti, Andrea Capuzzo, Agnieszka Arceusz & Massimo E. Maffei

Pages: 85-90


Composition of garlic essential oil (Allium sativum L.) as influenced by drying method

Salma Dziri, Hervé Casabianca, Belgacem Hanchi & Karim Hosni

Pages: 91-96


Theeffect of γ-irradiationon the Chemical Composition and antioxidant activities of peppermint essential oil and extract

Faezeh Fatemi, Salome Dini, Mohammad Bagher Rezaei, Abolfazl Dadkhah, Reza Dabbagh & Sabere Naij

Pages: 97-104


Changes in growth, yield, photosynthetic characteristics, enzyme activities and essential oil production of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) under growth regulator treatments

M. Masroor A. Khan, Nadeem Hashmi, Moinuddin & Tariq A. Dar

Pages: 105-113


Essential Oil of the leaves of Hibiscus surattensis L. from Nigeria

Akintayo L. Ogundajo, Isiaka A. Ogunwande, Teniola M. Bolarinwa, Olumide R. Joseph & Guido Flamini

Pages: 114-117


Chemical composition and bioactivity of Thymus daenensis Celak (Lamiaceae) essential oil against two lepidopteran stored-product insects

N. Moazeni, J. Khajeali, H. Izadi & K. Mahdian

Pages: 118-124


Volatile constituents of five species of Portlandia (Rubiaceae)

Horacio A. Priestap, Christopher Chin, María L. Veisaga, Tracy Commock, Keron Campbell, Brett Jestrow, Javier Francisco-Ortega & Manuel A. Barbieri

Pages: 125-129


Essential Oil composition from leaves of Heracleum candicans Wall.: a sustainable method for extraction

R.S. Chauhan, M.C. Nautiyal, A. Tava & R. Cecotti

Pages: 130-132


In vitro cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and antioxidant potentials of thymol on human blood cells

Elanur Aydın & Hasan Türkez

Pages: 133-140


Essential Oil composition of the endemic species Tephrosia persica Boiss.

Mohammad Hamed Chitsazan, Elham Bina & Jinous Asgarpanah

Pages: 141-145


Issue 3


Evaluation of several Rosa damascena varieties and Rosa bourboniana accession for essential oil content and composition in western Himalayas

Rakesh Kumar, Saurabh Sharma, Swati Sood, Vijai K. Agnihotri, Virendra Singh & Bikram Singh

Pages: 147-152


Composition of Essential Oil from Lippia graveolens. Relationship between spectral light quality and thymol and carvacrol content

Adela Y. Bueno-Durán, Jesús Cervantes-Martínez & Eva N. Obledo-Vázquez

Pages: 153-160


Chemical composition and biological activities of Bocageopsis multiflora essential oil

Edinilze S.C. Oliveira, Ana Claudia F. Amaral, Emerson S. Lima & Jefferson Rocha de A. Silva

Pages: 161-165


Efficiency of various plant Essential Oils in stabilization of canola oil and of its purified triacylglycerols

Semra Turan

Pages: 166-176


Influence of drying, storage and distillation times on essential oil yield and composition of anise hyssop [Agastache foeniculum (Pursh.) Kuntze]

Mohammad Mahmoodi Sourestani, Mahmoud Malekzadeh & Aldo Tava

Pages: 177-184


Rapid quantitative analysis of suspected fragrance allergens in between commercial essential oils and using attenuated total reflectanceinfrared (ATRIR) spectroscopy

Lai-Hao Wang, Jun-Xian Chen & Chia-Chen Wang

Pages: 185-196


Nectandra megapotamica (Spreng.) Mez.: phytochemical characterization and neutralizing effect on Bothrops diporus venom

Ana María Torres, Francisco José Camargo, Gabriela Ana Ricciardi, Armando I.A. Ricciardi & Eduardo Dellacassa

Pages: 197-203


Seasonal variation, larvicidal and nematicidal activities of the lef Essential Oil of Ruta graveolens L.

Francisca Gleiciane E. da Silva, Francisco Rogênioda S. Mendes, João Carlosda C. Assunção, Gilvandete Maria Pinheiro Santiago, Maria Aislania Xavier Bezerra, Francisco G. Barbosa, Jair Mafezoli & Roberta Rodrigues Rocha

Pages: 204-209


Essential Oil characteristics of wild Sicilian oregano populations in relation to environmental conditions

Teresa Tuttolomondo, Claudio Leto, Raffaele Leone, Mario Licata, Giuseppe Virga, Giuseppe Ruberto, Edoardo M. Napoli & Salvatore La Bella

Pages: 210-220


Anti-dermatophyte, anti-Fusarium and cytotoxic activity of essential oils and plant extracts of Piper genus

V. Tangarife-Castaño, J.B. Correa-Royero, V.C. Roa-Linares, N. Pino-Benitez, L.A. Betancur-Galvis, D.C. Durán, E.E. Stashenko & A.C. Mesa-Arango

Pages: 221-227


Chemical composition of the essential oil of Satureja kallarica Jamzad

Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti, Najmeh Vosoghi, Lyle Craker & Hamzeh-Ali Shirmardi

Pages: 228-231


Issue 4


Leaf essential oil composition of Inula cuspidata (Wall. ex DC.) C.B. Clarke from India

Ram S. Verma, Rajendra C. Padalia & Amit Chauhan

Pages: 233-237


Immunolocalization of α-santalol in sandalwood

Biswapriya B. Misra & Satyahari Dey

Pages: 238-246


Supplemental Composition of Essential Oil peppermint cultivated with methanolic extract of Leonurus sibiricus L. leaves

Jennifer Búfalo, Luiz Fernando Rolim de Almeida, Maria Aparecida Ribeiro Vieira, Márcia Ortiz Mayo Marques & Carmen Sílvia Fernandes Boaro

Pages: 247-253


Classification of commercial bitter orange Essential Oils (Citrus aurantium L.), based on a combination of chemical and sensory analyses of specific odor markers

Sophie C. Deterre, Barbara Rega, Julien Delarue, Eric Teillet & Pierre Giampaoli

Pages: 254-262


Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oil of Licaria triandra (Sw.) Kosterm. leaves from Cuba

Jorge A. Pino, Danae K. Rodríguez, Tatiana Beldarraín & Sonia R. Blandariz

Pages: 263-266


Biomaterials with controlled release of geranium essential oil

Angela Cerempei, Emil Ioan Muresan & Nicanor Cimpoesu

Pages: 267-273


Sesquiterpene hydrocarbon rich Essential Oils of Caryopteris odorata (D.Don) Robin.: Chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity

Darshan Singh, C.S. Mathela, Amit Panwar & Veena Pande

Pages: 274-281


Evaluation of essential plant oils for the control of Plasmopara viticola

A. La Torre, C. Mandalà, L. Pezza, F. Caradonia & V. Battaglia

Pages: 282-291


Dry and wet seasons set the phytochemical Profile of the Copaifera langsdorffii Desf. Essential Oils

Luiz Fernando Rolim de Almeida, Roberto de Oliveira Portella, Roselaine Facanali, Marcia Ortiz Mayo Marques & Fernando Frei

Pages: 292-300


Comparative antiproliferative activities of wood and seeds Essential Oils of Juniperus oxycedrus L. against K562 human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells

A.M. Saab, H. Gali-Muhtasib, S. Maietti, A. Grandini, D. Rossi, I. Lampronti, E. Gallerani, E. Fabbri & R. Gambari

Pages: 301-307


Cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of Lindera strychnifolia leaf essential oil

Runwei Yan, Yang Yang & Guolin Zou

Pages: 308-314


Essential Oil composition of four Ocimum species and varieties growing in Iran

Saeed Safari Dolatabad, Mohammad Moghaddam & Hengameh Chalajour

Pages: 315-321



Page: 322


Issue 5


Volatile constituents of mini-watermelon fruits

Giovanna Dima, Gianluca Tripodi, Concetta Condurso & Antonella Verzera

Pages: 323-327


Variability of Artemisia campestris L. essential oils from Lithuania

Asta Judzentiene & Jurga Budiene

Pages: 328-333


High-speed countercurrent chromatography as a tool to isolate nerolidol from the Baccharis dracunculifolia volatile oil

C.L. Queiroga, M.Q. Cavalcante, P.C. Ferraz, R.N. Coser, A. Sartoratto & P.M. de Magalhães

Pages: 334-337


Geographical impact on essential oil composition of Limnophila rugosa (Roth.) Merr.

Ram S. Verma, Rajendra C. Padalia & Amit Chauhan

Pages: 338-341


Essential Oil compositions of summer savory under foliar application of jasmonic acid and salicylic acid

Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti, Mehdi Rahimmalek, Ladan Elikaei-Nejhad & Behzad Hamedi

Pages: 342-347


Irradiance stress and plant spacing effect on growth, biomass and quality of wild marigold (Tagetes minuta L.) an industrial crop in western Himalaya

Rakesh Kumar, Saurabh Sharma, K. Ramesh, Vijaylata Pathania & Rajendra Prasad

Pages: 348-358


Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oil of Nectandra antillana Meisn. leaves from Cuba

Jorge A. Pino, Danae K. Rodríguez, Tatiana Beldarraín & Sonia R. Blandariz

Pages: 359-362


Essential Oil composition of the endemic species Pycnocycla bashagardiana Mozaff

Elham Abbasi, Orkideh Ghorban Dadras & Jinous Asgarpanah

Pages: 363-366


In vitro study of human lymphocytes cytological and biochemical effects by zingiberene

Hasan Türkez, Başak Toğar & Kübra Çelik

Pages: 367-371


Kadsura oblongifolia Merr. leaves, stem bark and root bark essential oils

Do N. Dai, Nguyen N. Tuan, Tran D. Thang & Isiaka A. Ogunwande

Pages: 372-376


Essential Leaf Oil and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequence variation in six Eucalyptus populations

Hamid Sadeghi, Ali Reza Niazmand & Sahar Yoosefi

Pages: 377-384


Composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil from Algerian Warionia saharae Benth. & Hook.

Mohamed Gherib, Fewzia Atik Bekkara, Chahrazed Bekhechi, Ange Bighelli, Joseph Casanova& Félix Tomi

Pages: 385-391


Issue 6


Chemical Composition and antioxidant activity of hydrosol extracts obtained by liquidliquid extraction (LLE) of Daucus muricatus L.

Nassim Djabou, Mohamed El Amine Dib, Boufeldja Tabti, Jean Costa & Alain Muselli

Pages: 393-399


Antimicrobial activity and chemical composition of Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) Swingle Essential Oil from Italian organic crops

Rosaria Costa, Carlo Bisignano, Angela Filocamo, Elisa Grasso, Francesco Occhiuto & Federica padaro

Pages: 400-408


Analyses of organ specific variations in essential oils of four Ocimum species

Rajendra C. Padalia, Ram S. Verma & Amit Chauhan

Pages: 409-419


Chemical diversity among different accessions of Origanum vulgare L. ssp. vulgare collected from Central Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India

Archana P. Raina & K.S. Negi

Pages: 420-426


Daucus carota ssp. hispanicus Gouan. Essential Oils: chemical variability and fungitoxic activity

Amel Bendiabdellah, Mohammed El Amine Dib, Nassim Djabou, Fayçal Hassani, Julien Paolini, Boufeldja Tabti, Jean Costa & Alain Muselli

Pages: 427-440


Variation in the essential oil constituents in indigenous populations of Foeniculum vulgare var. vulgare from different locations of Iran

Majid Pouryousef

Pages: 441-445


Chemical Composition and cytotoxicity analysis of the Essential Oil from leaves of Croton argyrophyllus Kunth

S.S. Araujo, M.I.S. Santos, A.S. Dias, J.N.S. Ferro, R.N. Lima, E.O. Barreto, C.B. Corrêa, B.S. Araújo, S. Lauton-Santos, A.Y.K. Shan, P.B. Alves, A.E.G. Santana, S.M. Thomazzi, A.R. Antoniolli & C.S. Estevam

Pages: 446-451


Antibacterial activities of the essential oil from the leaves and rhizomes of Cnidium officinale Makino

Youn Sim & Seungwon Shin

Pages: 452-457


Anti-quorum sensing and antimicrobial activity of aromatic species from South America

M.C. Pellegrini, M.V. Alvarez, A.G. Ponce, N.M. Cugnata, F.G. De Piano & S.R. Fuselli

Pages: 458-465


Chemical Composition and antiradical capacity of Essential Oils from Lebanese medicinal plants

M. Iriti, S. Vitalini, N. Arnold Apostolides & M. El Beyrouthy

Pages: 466-472


Kinetic study of volatile oil of Curcuma longa L. rhizome and Carum carvi L. fruits extracted by microwave-assisted techniques using the cryogrinding

R. Akloul, F. Benkaci-Ali & G. Eppe

Pages: 473-485


Effect of method of distillation on the yield and chemical composition of Artemisia annua Essential Oil

B.R. Rajeswara Rao, K.V. Syamasundar & R.P. Patel

Pages: 486-491


Antibacterial activity of peppermint fragrance micronanocapsules prepared with a new electrospraying method

S. Ghayempour & S.M. Mortazavi

Pages: 492-498






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